This Mountain Dew goat ad is racist and pretty stupid

UPDATE: Mountain Dew appears to be trying to hide all traces of this ad, pulling it and filing copyright claims against people that have uploaded it on YouTube. We'll try to keep it up as long as we can. 

What are you doing, Mountain Dew? What happened to the days of meatheads doing ridiculous stunts, showing off how extreme they are? The series of commercials with "Felicia the Goat" are so, so stupid. Not a single good idea in the bunch. To make matters worse, the company decided to create this spot where a white woman that's been beaten and battered tries to pick out her assailant from a police lineup. All of the potential criminals are African American. Worse, they are all massive and ridiculous stereotypes.

For some reason the goat also fulfills many social stereotypes. The goat's "gangster" way of talking left us cringing. "Better not snitch on a playa. Snitches get stitches, fool." This is seriously uncomfortable to watch, not only because of its clear racist overtones, but because it's so incredibly not funny. 

The company has pulled the commercial above after receiving complaints that this spot was racist. Gee, I wonder where anyone would have gotten that idea from.

(H/T Your Black World)

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