Tropicana sends the wrong message with this commercial

Ahhh New Years – when everyone vows to drop 40 pounds or however much it will take to get back to their high school weight, only to say "screw it" two weeks in because they'd rather lie on their couch when it's 13-degrees outside than go to the gym.

Anyway, this Tropicana ad does an awful job of promoting wellness. First of all, they're using that overly annoying blonde chick from Ally McBeal. Second of all, there better be vodka in that OJ. Third of all, she's like, plastering herself against her walls like she's already drunk, then acts fake insulted when her friends think she had work done because she looks so good.

Right – because orange juice has the same effects as botox and liposuction.

I'm not going to stand on my soapbox and cry injustice because we're still too focused on looks – I'm more baffled that Tropicana thought this would be the best way to sell juice (unless, again, it had vodka in it).

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