What’s the point of this Volkswagen Passat commercial?


Normally, car commercials feature a professional driver on a closed course showing off what the car can do. Occasionally, we get the commercial playing on emotions – I can't remember which car company did this, but it chronicled the reliability of the car from a guy's first date through bringing home a baby from the hospital. Fine. I get it. As long as there is a point.

We were asked to cover this particular VW commercial, presumably because it has no point. A father in a shirt and tie playing catch with his son, while the Passat sits in the driveway. Not moving. And the dad clearly can't throw, and neither can his son, and all we get out of it is that the car is more reliable than the throwing lesson going on and something the son might actually want passed down to him.

Okay, the car is reliable, but what features does it have? Good gas mileage? Heated seats? Corners like it's on rails? Give me something other than a bad game of catch, people. 

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