Which brands will advertise during Super Bowl XLVIII?

Fox has officially sold all of their in-game advertising time for Super Bowl XLVIII. Commercials were expected to cost roughly $3.8 million for just 30 seconds of time. Since the price of ads during the game are always ridiculously expensive, it's always interesting seeing which companies pony up and make an appearance during the big game. 

Three major categories are represented this year: Automotive, electronics and package goods. Courtesy of Forbes, a list of the companies who have admitted to buying an ad can be found below.

Anheuser-Busch InBev; Butterfinger; Chevrolet; Doritos; GoDaddy.com; Hyundai; Intuit; Jaguar; Mars; Oikos; PepsiCo Beverages; and Wonderful Pistachios. 

Plenty of familiar names here. No major surprises here either. Here's hoping that Go Daddy continues their movement away from disgusting, stupid ads with their upcoming Super Bowl ad. 

The full list of companies with Super Bowl ads will come out once the game gets closer. 

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