Wonderful Pistachios mocks Dennis Rodman’s trips to North Korea


What's the secret to world peace? According to Dennis Rodman and Wonderful Pistachios, the answer lies within (you guessed it) pistachios. The new spot features Rodman sitting next to a man who is clearly supposed to be Kim Jong-un. After Rodman comments on world peace, Jong-un blows him up. A rational response. 

Interesting. Wonderful Pistachios has always done a solid job of playing off of trends and pop culture, but we've always felt that they'd benefit from heading in a different direction. The spot with Rodman at least got us talking. It doesn't do much in the way of making us crave pistachios, but it was pretty amusing to catch this ad for the first time. It's certainly better than maybe 75% of the other abominations Wonderful Pistachios has churned out. 

(H/T USA Today)

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