A.1. is still in a relationship with steak, but it’s complicated

A.1. has removed the word “steak” from its name. Instead of being known as A.1. Steak Sauce, the product is now being called A.1. Sauce. The hope is that you’ll start using the sauce on other meats and foods instead of reserving it just for your steak.

That’s a pretty difficult concept to advertise. You want to expand the product’s use, but you don’t want to tarnish the well established brand image you’ve enjoyed for years. A.1. landed on the perfect solution – social media.

This commercial will be viewed two very different ways, depending on the age of the viewer. Some will recognize the fact A.1. made a two-minute ad which tells a good story and perfectly conveys the product’s new intended use. Some may even draw a connection between this ad and ads from Google, which probably isn’t a bad thing. The younger demos – the demo A.1. will need to capture in order to keep the brand alive – may see this ad as being a touch out of date.

The “It’s Complicated” age on Facebook has come and gone. In fact, a lot of the activity we see captured in the ad above wouldn’t even occur on Facebook for the younger demos. Everyone knows that pictures of your food belong on Instagram. Younger demos are leaving – or have left – Facebook. The ad above, regardless of how nicely it tells a story, appears dated.

Older demos are thriving on Facebook. They’re growing at a very high rate on the platform. This ad should resonate and strike a cord in the older individual who likely needs help associating the brand with a new use. However, it feels like A.1. is trying to have its cake and eat it too. It’s trying to change its image, but it’s resorting to tactics which will only appeal to those who are the least likely to change their mind. Why not target younger ages who may have never even associated A.1. with steak in the first place?

Time will tell just how effective this campaign will be. The ad above is outstanding, but are they focusing on the right audience?

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