Adidas may place their name on NHL jerseys

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Seeing a big Reebok logo on an NHL sweater is a pretty common sight. Those days may be coming to an end after a report from indicates that Adidas is considering placing their name on NHL uniforms. 

Adidas, the parent company of Reebok since 2005 (the more you know!), is also considering extending their jersey deal with the NHL which currently runs through 2016-17. 

Elliotte Friedman writes:

"Small business item: Reebok has the rights to make NHL jerseys. Its parent company, Adidas, apparently is considering putting its own name there instead of Reebok. As part of that, we may see an extension of the current contract, which runs through 2016-17."

That's a pretty big business item. Adidas considering bringing the NHL under it's direct umbrella is pretty noteworthy. One would assume that the brand is recognizing the growth of the NHL and they want to capitalize on it by placing their formal name on the league's jerseys. 

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