Applebee’s promotes their Under 550 Calorie Entrees with bizarre GIF ad

The latest trend seen in various television commercials is the usage of GIFs. To be clear, the advertisements try to incorporate the popular way to share media online in their commercial by showing one action repeated over and over through looping video. The results have been disastrous. We first ripped on Kmart. Now our attention shifts to Applebee's. 

As if the food at Applebee's wasn't enough to keep you away, they've rolled out an ad which shows people getting excited in GIF form over their new under 550 calorie menu options. It really is as dumb as it sounds.

These GIFs are a blatant and unsuccessful attempt to capitalize on a popular online trend. GIFs work online. They don't on television. 

Oh, and the "See you tomorrow" slogan is dreadful. They do realize that they're essentially asking potential customers to put off visiting and eat at a different restaurant, right? 

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