Applebee’s is a little too excited about Vidalia onions

We’ve ripped on Applebee’s quite a bit in the past. We’ve mocked the fact just about everything you order there sees a microwave and the fact their slogan, “See You Tomorrow”, is basically instructing potential customers to never visit. Now the chain is really, really excited about Vidalia onions.

Ah yes, the taste of summer is basically a mildly sweet onion. Not sure we agree with that assessment, but to each their own.

On a different note, has anyone, anywhere ever been so excited that an onion is on their streak that they danced about it? Don’t bother answering. We know the answer. Onions are a cause for celebration.

Applebee’s getting overly excited about onions, Vidalia onions at that, fits the latest trend of popular food buzzwords. Almost every place that sells bread now has Artisan bread. We can’t even start to name all of the places which have some sort of Tuscan this or Asiago that item on their menu. Vidalia onions are a bit different compared to a common onion, but it’s just another gimmicky item/name for a very average chain to throw around in order to sound more gourmet than they actually are.

(H/T Commercials I Hate)

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