Awful Classics: Gatorade’s Gator Gum

Do you remember Gator Gum from Gatorade? It was designed to be a chewing gum which had a “unique mouth-watering formula” which would help quench thirst. It sounds like a ridiculous idea – gum quenching your thirst – which is why the product was discontinued in 1989.

If you’re wondering, the commercials were about as bad as you might expect.

It’s annoying hearing “Dryyyyyyy Mooouuuutttthhhhh” a couple of times in this ad. Now imagine hearing it regularly. Daily. Just awful.

Then there’s the dialogue. It’s as if there was a contest to see how many puns and zingers they could fit into 30 seconds. We’ll give some credit to the “No drought about it” line, but the others such as “Chew up a storm” are all just brutal.

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