Awful Classics: The most blunt commercial for a local divorce attorney

Local commercials for lawyers or law firms are usually pretty brutal to watch. There's a bunch of legal jargon and the vague promise that they'll be able to "help" your situation. They're absolutely painful to sit through.

Thankfully, J. Michael Gallagher from Seattle has changed the way we view local divorce attorney advertisements. Why not be brutally honest about the hatred you have for your spouse?

"I decided to hire Michael Gallagher as my attorney and I ruined my husband's new year."

Holy cow. That's about as blunt as it gets. There's something ridiculous and incredibly awkward about a commercial in which a couple wrestles over the phone in the hopes of ruining lives with a divorce attorney. 

Oh, and that "Don't Be a Weekend Parent" URL? Totally real. Check it out yourself

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