Beat by Dre predicts the future, dumps Kaepernick for Sherman

The marketing team for Beats by Dre should probably go out and buy some lottery tickets. Remarkably, the company was seemingly able to predict that Richard Sherman would be one of the biggest talking points in sports before Sherman delivered his now famous post-game interview.

Check out this Beats by Dre commercial which was uploaded to their YouTube page on January 19th, the same day as the NFC title game. This ad, which was shot well before Seattle's big win, is frighteningly relevant given Sherman's loud interview. 

We're a cynical group and we're left wondering if this means Sherman's post-game comments were staged. Was the post-game interview intended to correlate with his Beats contract? It sure looks like it, but it could just be one huge coincidence which works out big time for Beats. 

The other bit of irony here is how Beats decided to drop Colin Kaepernick from their ads in favor of Sherman. Maybe "drop" is too harsh of a word, but it's pretty interesting that they used Sherman in their latest ad when Kaepernick was used as recently as December. 

Whether Sherman is in on it or not, this is some fantastic marketing – and timing – by Beats. 

(H/T USA Today)

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