Big Lots puts a nail in our Holiday spirit

Big Lots is trying to show all of us that they’re the best location for Holiday decorations, gifts and products. They decided the best way to illustrate this point is a song in which singers talk about how they’re #NailingThis.

Watch the one-minute spot if you haven’t seen it:

As always, we fall back on one of the biggest sins in advertising: Don’t sing. Yes, these actresses/singers have some fantastic voices, but no one wants to listen to a song about Big Lots nor about their Holiday shopping. Not even the best voice can save the fact that singing and commercials just do not go together.

Moving on …

Did Big Lots stop and consider that their hashtag for this campaign, #NailingThis, may have not been the best idea? Aside from the fact it’s beyond annoying to see companies continue to push out desperate hashtag after desperate hashtag, this one is particularly bad and should be ripe for some mocking on Twitter.

Great singers and great voices, but ultimately this ad falls well short and instead brings out the Holiday anger rather than Holiday cheer. We’re #NailingThis idea to the board of concepts which should have been avoided.

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