Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s intense live action ad

We’ve come to expect a lot from Call of Duty when it comes to advertisements. Back in 2012, we were treated to a live action ad with Robert Downey Jr. and a series of other movie and Internet celebrities for Black Ops 2. It was awesome. The following year saw a fairly underwhelming ad campaign for Ghosts, which means the franchise needed to pull out a bigger performance for Advanced Warfare.

If you’re trying to place the actor, that’s Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights, John Carter and Battleship. The lady, who makes a rather brief cameo, is none other than Emily Ratajkowski who may be most recognized from her appearance in the music video for Blurred Lines.

Some pretty impressive special effects and some crazy cinematography resulted in a thrilling ad. Will the game follow suit? Gamers won’t have to wait long to find out.

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