Coca-Cola ad features bottles which can only be opened with another bottle

Coca-Cola is trying to make their soft drink a social experience. How can you turn grabbing a cold Coke into a conversation? By forcing people to use a friend’s or a stranger’s bottle to open their own.

There are a couple problems with this ad. First, you can’t help but think that this thing is staged. As with other Coke scenarios/situations depicted in their ads, the whole thing is just a little too perfect. Anyone with any kind of video or photography experience knows how unlikely it is that all of this unfolded as magically as it appears.

Second, it looks like no one was smart enough to simply grab a second bottle to open their bottle. C’mon, college kids! Think outside the box.

Finally, the tagline here “Open a Coke, Open a Friendship” is as cheesy as it is completely unrealistic. You can just envision how future conversations may take place:

“Hey remember when we opened a bottle together?”

“Yes, please stop talking to me.”

Maybe we’re being too harsh, but someone has to call out Coke for all of their sentimental stunts. We give the company credit for trying new things and new ideas, but ultimately someone has to wave the white flag on all of these staged, unrealistic scenarios.

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