Commercials with Larry Culpepper, the Dr. Pepper Guy, are painful to watch

Dr. Pepper has a new face for their franchise and it’s an awkward, annoying guy named Larry Culpepper. Larry, the Dr. Pepper Guy, may resemble that uncle you always dread seeing on family holidays and now he’s pitching Dr. Pepper in a loud and annoying way. He claims to be the inventor of the playoff system and goes to extreme lengths to let you know.

To make matters worse, Dr. Pepper believed this was such a good idea that they created an entire campaign around it.

Here’s Larry’s introduction:

Like a horrible infomercial … but wait, there’s more!

This one is at least a little bit better (Banana Tech is overrated), but it grows tiresome pretty quickly after you see it repeatedly.

This one is a little bit more creepy. Larry wants to make love to this trophy. He’s also obviously never seen any other trophies in major sports as this new one doesn’t come close to the mystique and grandeur of the Stanley Cup.

And finally (for now)…

It was exhausting to go through all of those for the purpose of this article. The Larry Culpepper character is annoying and is being forced in our face at nearly every commercial break. Is this supposed to sell soda? Increase brand awareness? If the goal was to make people say “I hate that Dr. Pepper commercial,” then mission accomplished.

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