Danica Patrick on steroids isn’t the best marketing tool

Go Daddy loves the bizarre. Their Super Bowl ad featured Danica Patrick as a bodybuilder running down the street. It was odd and it didn’t make us want to run out and buy some domains from the company. The Patrick angle was an unusual shift from Go Daddy’s usual sex-filled spots. It appears to be one the company is running with, even away from the TV set.

Well said, Ben. Is a phony image of Patrick flexing supposed to intimate us into registering a domain or buying another service from Go Daddy? What’s the objective here? Better yet, what’s the point?

We’ve been pushing for Go Daddy to ditch the blatant, annoying sex-filled ads for quite some time. It’s nice that they have, but the new direction is more confusing than the old one. Patrick with steroid arms is just uncomfortable to look at, especially when it’s one of the focal points of your entire company.

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