Dannon Oikos Super Bowl ad is a mini Full House reunion

Super Bowl ads used to be pretty secretive. No one knew what a company would roll out until they saw it during the game. Those days are over. Now ads are teased and sometimes even shown days before the Super Bowl. The idea is to build buzz about your ad and try to get the most bang for your buck as possible. 

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt has teased their Super Bowl ad which will apparently be a miniature Full House reunion. We're not really sure what the ad is going to be about, but it looks like Danny, Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse are all living together as they did during the days of Full House

The ad in question is sure to have people talking with the Full House reunion, but was teasing this ad the best strategy? We're not so sure.

Their ad would have absolutely exploded on social media had they kept this a surprise. We all would have been pretty surprised to see the men of Full House all together again. Instead, Dannon Oikos rolled out this teaser which both spoils the surprise and weakens the buzz the ad will receive on the actual day of the game. Then again, here we are discussing an ad which won't come out for nearly two weeks. 

We're not saying teasing your ad is a bad idea, but in this scenario it weakens what could have been a huge surprise during the Super Bowl. You may increase the duration people discuss your ad, but the overall impact may be reduced.

What do you think – Was teasing this Full House reunion the best strategy?

(H/T Chicago Tribune)

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