Fruit of the Loom celebrates Back to School season with horrible dancing

Here’s a Fruit of the Loom ad you probably never want to see again. In an effort to celebrate the fact it’s Back to School season, Fruit of the Loom shows a woman awkwardly dancing. It’s probably pretty accurate that parents are thrilled to send their kids back to school, but is this supposed to make us want to buy Fruit of the Loom products?

She certainly has awkward mom dancing down, but it’s still pretty annoying to watch. We get the angle Fruit of the Loom is taking, but it’s just so poorly executed. There’s actually a few different versions of this ad, but they’re all pretty bad.

“Watch a mom dance awkwardly. Don’t you want to buy our products? No? Shocking.”

On a different note, what’s with the outfit? Clearly they were trying to make her dancing pop against a colorful background, but it really just makes her like a boring mom with no fashion sense. Maybe that’s the point, but it somehow makes the bad dancing even harder to sit through.

We understand that the Awful Ads staff doesn’t fall into the target demographic Fruit of the Loom is targeting, but that doesn’t make it any easier to sit through these.

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