Geico’s latest interesting partnership is with M&M

It's always interesting when two very different brands team up. This partnership from M&M and Geico is both unexpected and original, combining the power of Geico's gecko and a female brown M&M. Apparently the delicious candy is interested in car insurance, but the gecko just can't offer a quote to a food item.

Oh, and there's a brief cameo from another large Geico mascot. 

It's a strange partnership – one we're not sure really works – but it isn't the first time we've seen Geico team up with food. In a related agreement, Geico used the Pillsbury Doughboy in one of their "Happier Than" spots. It worked really well, both in entertaining and in selling their "Happier Than" message.

Unfortunately, as entertaining as it is to see two famous icons share the same screen, the actual marketing message here just doesn't make sense. 

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