Guinness wants you to put your phone down

Take a look around you the next time you go to a bar or restaurant. Over the course of the night you should see plenty of phones. It's incredible. Full tables of people you assume are all friends have their mobile devices out. Are they talking to each other? Kind of, but the bulk of everyone's attention is on the digital world and on people they're not sitting right next to. 

This is a pet peeve of mine. If I'm hanging out with my friends, I'm rarely on my phone. I want to enjoy my time with the people I'm sitting with. The online world can wait. I wish this notion was more common as there have been too many instances where I'll look around and see everyone – literally everyone – is on their phone. I question why we all went out in the first place. If you wanted to spend your night texting or surfing Facebook, why'd you bother coming out?

Alas, Guinness understands how frustrating and pointless this all can be. Put your phone down for a few hours and talk to the people you're with. Facebook, Twitter and those pointless games (let's not get started on Candy Crush) can wait until you get home. 

(End "get off my lawn" rant)

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