Here’s another stupid Milk Protein Fight Club commercial

The Protein Fight Club commercials designed to promote milk are really, really stupid. In fact, we've already made fun of one where a woman makes a weird omelet inside a cup. Here milk battles an Everything Bagel and the results are annoying. Oh so annoying. 

The actual idea – showing off how much protein your product has by comparing it to other products – is a pretty good one. It's the execution that turns this mostly solid concept into an incredibly annoying ad. 

On a related note, does every company think they have to have some sort of outrageous ad in order to be successful? I call it the Old Spice syndrome. Everyone is trying to up the ante and make their commercial more and more outrageous. In this example it's the cream cheese in the face and the talking mouth which appears on the guy's cheek. 

Maybe these companies should stop trying to follow a strategy which is long since played out and try to create something new and innovative? Wishful thinking. 

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