Jack in the Box keeps trying to be edgy with Company Picnic ad

Jack in the Box has tried to be edgy with some of their advertisements in the past. If you remember, the company ran this ad for a few months discussing how size matters. It wasn’t funny or particularly clever, but it was noteworthy enough to get people talking.

This time Jack is back and he’s trying to make women feel uncomfortable at a company picnic.

Again, not original, but it’s worth noting that Jack in the Box is the edgiest of the fast food chains. It’s tough to tell how effective it is for the company, but it’s fun comparing all of the different strategies deployed by the various restaurants. Burger King is all about new items and 2 for $5 specials. McDonald’s is all about athletes eating their food and apparently making Ronald McDonald look like he’s from the ’90s. Taco Bell is … Taco Bell and Jack in the Box tries to push the envelope without really pushing the envelope.

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