Kevin Love is pitching XXL Steak Nachos for Taco Bell

At 6' 10", NBA star Kevin Love towers over most average individuals. One would imagine that he has a fairly large appetite to go along with his large stature. At least, that's the point Taco Bell is trying to make in this ad for their XXL Steak Nachos. 

Watch Kevin Love do big man things:

The logic here isn't creative or overly exciting, but at least it makes sense. Taco Bell had a huge miss with their bizarre Grilled Stuft Nacho ad, so it's kind of nice to see an ad we can tolerate. 

However, the message isn't without its flaws. Taco Bell is basically telling you that the meal you're eating is impossibly large for your puny, average size. Don't even try, mortal! Oh, and are we bringing back "XXL" to everyday lingo? Remember when using XXL was all the rage? We do and we hated it. 

Improved effort Taco Bell, but we could go without the silly name. 

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