KFC’s pot pie guy is truly annoying

You can now go to KFC and pick up a pot pie (well, a fast food version of one at least) and a drink for just $3.99. While we could sit here and speculate what's really in that "pot pie" they're selling, we just can't get past how annoying KFC's ad is for their new item. 

The obvious reaction:

Other thoughts:

– So many jump cuts and edits. Amazingly, it makes an annoying commercial even more annoying.
– Pretty sure that's an empty fork he's putting in his mouth. 
– Shouldn't you be working instead of obsessing over this pot pie?
– Those poor, poor co-workers. We'd happily give them $10 to shove this pot pie in his face. 
– #HowDoYouKFC – My interaction begins and ends as I drive past your store. Thank you for asking. 

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