McDonald’s rolls out minimalist ads in France

Fast food advertising has been all about showing various food items as close to the camera as possible. Look at how crisp the lettuce is. Check out that perfectly (and most likely fake) burger. McDonald’s is abandoning this strategy and trying something a little different in France.

Introducing minimalist fast food ads, from McDonald’s:



Six items from McDonald’s (Big Mac, cheeseburger, Chicken McNuggets, a sundae, fries and the Filet-o-Fish) will appear on 2,700 outdoor ads around France. As you can see, the food items are less images of the actual food than they are icons of products most of us are familiar with. This minimalist approach is an interesting one, but it proves that McDonald’s is so ingrained in the average consumer that they can spot an ad for the golden arches even when the only identification is a tiny logo.

Here’s another example:


(H/T AdWeek)


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