Old Navy airport commercial is an early contender for Worst Ad of 2014

Old Navy's latest commercial discussing their "Fancy Jeans" is an early contender for Worst Ad of 2014. It's creepy, it's annoying and it's constantly on TV. 

Set in an airport security line, a TSA agent gets a little too close and a little too personal with a woman wearing Old Navy jeans. Stereotypes ensue (woman snapping her fingers, really?) and yelling is abundant in this ad which is built around the fact you can get $5 off your jeans. 

Watch this early contender for worst ad of the year:

Just awful, awful stuff. 

Aside from the fact this ad is loud and seems to break the FCC's rule on commercials having ridiculously high audio, it's just a completely stupid concept. It's even a bit creepy. The TSA is a bit too well known for their pat downs and invasive searches, so why wouldn't they be up close and personal with your pants? Why is this a behavior Old Navy wants to feature in their ad?

Then there's the ending. Quick, rush out and get your jeans because they're so incredibly discounted! Skip your flight and cancel your travel plans, these jeans are slightly marked down! Good to see these people have their priorities in order. 

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