Peyton Manning will appear in Nationwide ads

Peyton Manning is pretty familiar with advertising. He’s been in dozens of commercials for dozens of different companies, pitching everything from Oreos to Buicks. We even ranked Manning’s top-10 commercials back in 2012. Manning’s endorsement resume is about to expand as he has reached an agreement with Nationwide and will soon appear in their national advertising campaigns.

Here’s what Manning had to say about his new deal, via

“I’m excited about my new partnership with Nationwide. I view myself as more than a football player just like Nationwide is ‘More Than A Business.’ Together, we can help people successfully plan for the future and give back to the community.”

That’s how you can tell Manning is a pro when it comes to advertising. Like a smooth veteran, he slips in his new partner’s slogan in an interview discussing the endorsement.

At 38, Manning’s advertising career is almost as impressive as his work on the field. Though his playing days in the NFL will be winding down in the near future, it’s a safe bet that his endorsement career will endure well beyond his football career.

Look for Manning to appear in Nationwide TV ads in the near future.

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