Progressive “Bake Sale” ad indicates Young Flo will be a regular

Progressive's original Young Flo ad showed us a glimpse of Flo as a child running for school president. It was a somewhat refreshing take on an exhausted topic. By now we all know that Flo wants to save you money, but the spin seen in the original Young Flo ad was at least something we hadn't seen before. 

As always, Progressive took a decent concept and decided to run it into the ground, destroying any positive gains. Here's the latest ad from Progressive which shows Young Flo at a school bake sale. 

Aren't Scotty's cupcakes the best deal? C'mon Young Flo…I thought you were going to save us money!

If this is any indication, we'll probably be seeing a lot more of Young Flo in the near future. We have nothing against the young child actress, but the overall concept already feels extremely played out and we're only a couple commercials deep. 

Oh, and is that a cameo from the traditional Flo at the end? Sure looks like it. What better way to honor the face of your company than by making her look like a disfigured gym teacher. Great brand image control.

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