Sprint adds a hamster to their Framily Plan

Sprint’s Friends & Family plan is a pretty cool concept. Sure, the vast majority of us would have absolutely no use for 10 lines on the same plan, but it’s nice to have the option. Unfortunately, Spring really dropped the ball when it came to marketing the plan.

Framily. Sprint committed the unforgivable act of creating an annoying buzzword for their package. It’s as if they took marketing advice from Subway. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are these bizarre ads where apparently one family has a dad who is a hamster.

Meet the Frobinsons. A strange family with a southern accent, cartoon birds and a hamster father. How is this supposed to make us want to switch over to your Friends & Family plan, Sprint? Is it supposed to be funny? Honestly, the whole thing is pretty bizarre. It looks like they’re planning a whole series of these things, so brace yourself now.

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