Terry Bradshaw is here to talk to you about Shingles

There are some extremely uncomfortable commercials on TV. You know the ones. They usually involve smoking, a horrifying disease, a mistake during an operation or using the word “mesh” way too often. When Terry Bradshaw comes on in a commercial, you assume it’s going to be football related. You’d be halfway right, but here Bradshaw wants to talk to you about Shingles.

There’s no denying the fact Shingles suck, but it’s kind of uncomfortable listening to Bradshaw talk about the rashes he’s had in his career.

The ad itself is also a bit odd. It’s doesn’t go as far to be placed in the “fear mongering” category, but it’s close. Shingles may be a problem some of you will have to deal with, but by all means you don’t need to rush out and see a doctor because you had Chickenpox as a child.

Bonus points are also awarded to this ad for completing the stereotype of loosely (and we mean loosely) connecting football to Shingles. Half the fun of these ads is watching a former player say, “I did ___ during my football career, but now I’m (insert pain symptoms or medication here).” It never fails.

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