Trojan tries to get sentimental in strange ad

Trojan ads are usually pretty predictable. The company promotes a new product they tout as being "revolutionary" or they reiterate how important it is to practice safe sex. Either way, their products are going to change your life…or so we're told.

We imagine it's fairly difficult to market a company such as Trojan, but we've always wondered why the company hasn't tried something different. 

Well, this time they're trying something a little different and a little bit more sentimental. 

A+ for effort, we suppose. As bizarre, unexpected and ridiculous as this ad may be, it's bound to get people talking. If you saw this commercial on TV without any prior knowledge, it's safe to say you probably thought this commercial was headed in the direction of jewelry. Surprise!

The surprise factor aside, was this a smart move by Trojan? It'll get people talking, but will it be for the right reasons or will it generate negative PR? 

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