Virgin America’s six-hour ad is intentionally boring

Would you watch an ad which is nearly six hours long? Virgin America is betting that you won’t even though they just rolled out an ad which clocks in at five hours and 46 minutes. The ad, if it can really be called that, highlights flying at its worst. Told with mannequins (extremely creepy ones at that), the ad shows the nightmarish hell that a long flight can be.

Watch – or skip around – if you dare.

This intentionally awful ad shows what life might be like on a normal flight. On a Virgin America flight, you’ll be able to enjoy “WiFi, entertainment, power outlets, mood lighting, and food and drinks on demand,” according to their YouTube channel.

What do you think of this …ad/movie/feature/thing? It’s creative in that fact it’s going to get people talking (like we are now) about an ad which truly sucks and might be used for torture. Still, you may end up missing the overall message (Virgin America’s flights are super relaxing and comfortable) because you’re so focused on the ad’s length, the creepy mannequins or the amazingly dull/boring video. Some people may not connect the dots and that’s a shame because this ad is definitely a different take on the usual “our plane’s amenities are awesome” approach we are used to seeing on TV and online.

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