Welch’s ditches children for talking grapes

Welch’s has been using cute children to promote their products for ages. While their old promotions are still up and running to our knowledge, Welch’s opted to move in a different direction to promote the benefits of their grape juice and how it compares to wine. This more mature subject wouldn’t be appropriate with children actors, so Welch’s went with the next best thing – talking fruit.

Was this really the best way to promote health benefits? It seems like someone associated with Welch’s came up with the oh so clever “grapevine” concept/pun and then ran with it. Though the overall message pitching health benefits is an intelligent one and it should grab an adult’s attention, the delivery from talking fruit seems to be focused more on kids. The message doesn’t fit.

Of course, you can fully debate the health benefits of Welch’s until you’re blue in the face, but for now we’re hung up on the ad and the fact it’s extremely annoying with multiple viewings.

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