We’re judging you, Planet Fitness Selfie High Five Guy

Planet Fitness is trying to market itself as the gym with new equipment, low prices and no judgement. It’s not a bad angle, but it’s a shame they’ve rolled out these ads with people so lame we can’t help but judge. And judge we shall!

Selfie is already a tiresome word. Sure, there’s been a handful of creative, noteworthy selfies, but the vast majority are just transparent attempts to get compliments. Then there’s this guy who feels the need to give himself a High Five. For some reason he needed to say selfie too because…we’re not sure. It’s as if Planet Fitness is saying, “Look at us! We’re relevant because we’re using a popular term!”

Feel free to hit the gym, Selfie High Five Guy, but be aware that there’s going to be a whole lot of judging.

(H/T Commercials Forum)

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