Anti-Hillary Clinton group spends big money on ad with multiple typos, a group who’s sole purpose is “to ensure Hillary Clinton never becomes President of the United States,” aired an ad during last night’s Democratic Debate, and it is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The spot’s premise is simple enough: posted a Benghazi conspiracy theory, insinuating Clinton was responsible for the death of former U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, who died during attacks by Islamic militants. Take those accusations how you will, because no matter how silly they are, the website looks bad because of errors they made with the spot.

As pointed out by SBNation’s Join Bois, the ad had two typos in it. The first one being Libya, which was written incorrectly as Lybia. Secondly, the ad incorrectly referes to as Gawker pointed out another typo as when describing the U.S. Ambassador’s role, they put U.S instead of U.S. which is the correct format.

The whole thing is a poor look for an organization who’s already going out of their way to make a pretty substantial, outlandish claim. It’s especially disgusting when you see the last shot is Stevens’ grave. The ad doesn’t feature that much text on the screen to begin with, so the margin of error was already small, yet they somehow managed to botch three separate words.

The best part of the whole thing is the group reportedly spent $100,000 to get the ad on TV, and another $25,000 on digital ads.

A simple spellcheck could have avoided all of these problems. Great job guys.

[Image via Gawker]

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