Biz Markie reinvents “Just a Friend” for Lucky Charms contest

Biz Markie’s 1989 hit “He’s Just a Friend” is still getting a ton of millage more than 25 years after the song came out.

Markie has teamed up with Lucky Charms to release a promotional video for their new contest, which sees 10 lucky winners receiving a box of Lucky Charms with only marshmallows in it. That prize may not seem like very much, but the video alone makes the prospect of winning the box worth it.

Markie sings along to He’s Just a Friend with new Lucky Charms related lyrics. He changes the iconic lyric “You got what I need, but you say you’re just a friend, you say you’re just a friend” to  “You want marshmallow only, but you see there’s only ten, you see there’s only ten. The lyric is an acid-trip, and Markie is the reoccurring nightmare – in a good way.

If it wasn’t Biz Markie you may be inclined to call him a sellout, but it’s spectacular he’s has this kind of career longevity and relevance from basically just one song. The video has been a hit for General Mills, reaching over 1 million views in just a few days, becoming their most-watched YouTube video by far. Whoever thought this through probably deserves their own box of marshmallow only Lucky Charms.

The contest, now over, is pretty lame, unless you’re a fan of collecting unusual cereals. I can’t fathom how bad eating a box of Lucky Charms would be with the product being pure sugar – not that the original version is good for you in any way.

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