Blake Griffin vs Marvin the Martian in Jordan’s new Looney Tunes inspired commercial

There have been persistent rumors that NBA superstar LeBron James is going to suit up with the Looney Tunes in a new adaptation of the classic film Space Jam. While nothing has been announced, we have a great holdover as Jordan shoes have released a new video which pits Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin in a dunk contest against Marvin the Martian.

This is a very funny commercial, which isn’t surprising considering Griffin is the best comedic force (and arguably best actor) in the NBA.

In this spot he’s casually shooting hoops, when Marvin shows up after Griffin’s friend says “he has an earth shattering jam,” and of course, there can only be one earth shattering being. Facing disintegration, Griffin and Marvin agree to a dunk contest where the duo constantly out due each other with each dunk. Facing elimination, Griffin gets some help from Bugs Bunny who delivers him new Jordan shoes which gives him the ability to dunk from the opposite free throw marker, thus winning the contest and sending Marvin back to space.

The commercial works as a great tease for what’s currently possible with animation and live action. The whole thing looks impressive and seamless. Should they decide to make another Space Jam, this a great example of how well it could possibly work. Hell, Blake Griffin would make an excellent candidate to star, although LeBron James (who recently starred in Trainwreck) is the obvious candidate considering his legacy compared to Michael Jordan’s.

Either way, this is a very entertaining commercial which is sure to get fans rattled up for another Looney Tunes basketball movie.

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