Cremation company has one messed up print ad

Funeral homes and cremation companies have to be extremely delicate with their marketing strategies. The topic of death is one most people want to avoid completely, so seeing an ad about it usually makes everyone pretty uncomfortable.

Now, here’s a terrific example of what you should NOT do if you’re a cremation company. Presenting the most bizarre cremation ad you’ve ever seen, via Reddit and courtesy of St. Louis Cremation.



Here’s the assumption of what’s happening here. The company allows you to lock in a price for cremation for your family at a young age, that way you “save” money on potentially higher rates in the future.

So … that’s one hell of a weird way to present that concept. “Your kid will be a teen soon so it might be time to think about their death! Oh, and here’s a giant flower for some reason!”

Just awful. This is why companies shouldn’t handle their own advertising unless they know a thing or two about marketing. If this was done by an outside company … then it might be time to cremate the contract.

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