Dannon Oikos Yogurt hires Cam Newton, fires John Stamos

The days of John Stamos pitching Dannon Oikos Yogurt are over. The company announced that they have dumped Stamos and instead have hired Cam Newton in an attempt to appeal to a larger male audience.

Newton has already appeared in an ad for the brand:

Why dump Uncle Jesse?

Via Ad Age:

We have ended our relationship with John Stamos. We had a great run with him,” said Art D’Elia, Dannon’s VP-marketing overseeing Oikos. But he added that “we wanted a spokesperson and an advertising model that could help us appeal more to males and that’s why we made the decision … to move away from John.

The NFL is the largest platform that we could attach ourselves to go and broaden [the] appeal to males,” he said. Mr. Newton, who guided his team to a playoff berth this season, is an “aspirational” figure, especially for young males, Mr. D’Elia said.

The transition away from Stamos in favor of Newton once again demonstrates the power of the NFL. All it took was one young, successful QB to topple Uncle Jesse. Have mercy!


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