Domestic violence on display in ad at downtown Toronto shop

FCB Toronto wanted to show that the holidays aren’t always happy for everybody, despite what it may seem.

They created “The Window Project,” a display in downtown Toronto which shows how domestic violence can impact the holidays.

The commercial starts with a news montage on domestic violence and its increase prevalence during the holidays. We’re shown a store in downtown Toronto, which has a mannequin Christmas set-up. It’s very pretty. Many people stop to look and check it out, but are surprised to see the male mannequin programmed to hit the female mannequin. A timer on a screen counts down to 60, and resets when donations are made towards domestic violence, but when it hits zero the mannequin strikes again. It’s very effective. The setting looks happy, but what’s actually going on is startling.

FCB Toronto created “The Window Project,” a display which appeared in the Untitled & Co store in Toronto’s Fashion District. The project was made for OAITH, partnering with the Yellow Brick House.

“The holidays can be a confusing time for women in abusive relationships, especially when there are children involved,” says Charlene Catchpole, chair of the OAITH board of directors told AdWeek, adding that many “put on a good face and project an image of stability to keep the holidays a happy time. Our hope is that this campaign will break the lingering culture of silence that exists around violence against women.”

This display was very powerful. It’s unnerving, but it’s supposed to be. The display and ad will have people thinking about domestic violence during the holiday’s, which means it accomplished its goal. Hopefully people start donating to help victims of domestic abuse.

If you want to donate you can text NO MORE to 45678.


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