Entourage’s Ari Gold is back in new Cadillac commercials

On the heels of the new Entourage film, based on the HBO television series of the same name, Cadillac has released a series of teaser ads featuring the show’s most popular character Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven).

In the spots Gold talks about how he’s OK with his retirement, when throughout the ad he’s miserable. See him sporting a sad face in Italy, while he’s doing many popular tourists attractions – including crushing grapes, driving a two-seat bike through a winery and painting a piece on an easel.


Interestingly enough, the first teaser doesn’t even have a Cadillac car in it.

The second teaser features Gold seemingly escaping Italy, driving a Cadillac on an open road overseeing the water.


These spots are clearly designed exclusively for the film. I don’t know if they accomplish anything more than showcasing Entourage, but that’s obviously the point.

The Entourage movie underperformed at the box office. The film was expected to gross at least $20 million in it’s opening weekend, but only pulled in $17.5 million dollars in it’s five-day opening weekend. I don’t know many people who were clamouring to see the series adapted to the big screen, and it seems that it’s audience was niche to the television show and not as widely popular as expected.

The spots on YouTube only have a few thousand views each, which may indicate that Cadillac may have hooked their wagon onto something less popular than they thought. Either way, the ads aren’t terrible but aren’t particularly interesting.

They tie-in with the movie, so if you don’t have even a passing interest in the film – like myself – than it’s hard to see the value in them.

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