Hilarious Bank of America ad directed by Christopher Guest features great Billy Idol cameo

Bank of America and This is Spinal Tap‘s Christopher Guest have rolled out four (out of seven) ads about executives brainstorming a new type of ‘preferred awards for consumers, which features an unexpected cameo from a rock star.

The first spot features the execs, talking about the usual banking rewards, with one exec not understanding how a whiteboard works. It’s actually funny.

After going over the ‘preferred awards,’ the group thinks of another incentive for customers. One exec suggests slippers, before another one throws out the idea of hiring a rock star.

The execs have settled on the rock star idea, and set up a conference call with rocker Billy Idol. The trio nod their collective heads listening to Idol’s ‘more, more, more,’ telling him that he’s a genius. Hooked on the idea of using the ‘more, more, more’ as a slogan, the trio bombard him with the pun which displeases him.

Now in the studio with Idol, the execs who are listening in behind the glass of the recording booth, while Idol belts ‘more, more, more.’ The trio want him to say ‘more’ 25 times in a row to reflect the deal with their credit cards, which upsets Idol as he drops his headphones to the ground and walks away.

And yes, you heard correctly, that’s Will Arnett doing the voiceover in the credits of the commercial.

All-in-all, this is a smart, funny ad which parodies the marketing of these spots. Idol isn’t asked to do all that much, but he’s perfect as the semi-confused rock star, who’s tired of all the pushiness from execs. The whole thing is charmingly self-aware.

You can watch the remaining three ads here.

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