Jeremy Clarkson takes small shots at BBC in Amazon ad

Jeremy Clarkson isn’t done taking playful jabs at his former employers.

In a commercial for Amazon featuring the former Top Gear host, promoting the company’s Fire TV Stick, Clarkson talks about the streaming service.

He segways his way into his house and talks about how he became unbusy in the Spring. With his free time, he says he’s been watching TV on his Fire Stick. He runs through a list of channels, including Demand 5 and Netflix, but when he scrolls over the BBC the playful Brit calls the company ‘that,’ with a disdainful voice. Clarkson calls the service ‘almost perfect,’ but declares it perfect when a new promo for his upcoming series appears. Check it out in its entirety.

Clarkson would have some negative feelings about the British broadcasting company, as they decided not to renew his contract this year following a dispute with one of the shows producers. The move was met by outrage by the public, as Top Gear had grown a loyal following after airing on the network for 22 seasons. Co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May also left the show due to his departure and will join him in the new venture.

While Top Gear is moving on with new hosts, Amazon signed a $250 million deal for the new show on their streaming network and create three news seasons of a Top Gear-like show. It’s Amazon’s biggest foray into the world of television streaming by a landslide.

The show is currently nameless and is set to premiere in 2016.

[H/T The Verge]

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