Jimmy Kimmel shows up in latest Footlocker ad starring Damian Lillard and Andrew Wiggins

Foot Locker has a long history of making funny commercials starring NBA players and celebrities. Their latest effort continues that trend, with Portland Trailblazer star Damian Lillard, Minnesota Timberwolves star Andrew Wiggins and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel all showing up in their latest spot “The Bobby Butter Story.”

This spot has a simple premise. Lillard and Wiggins talk hoops, one rookie of the year to another, about not letting past success making you complacent – which happened to former hoops star Bobby Butter (played by Jimmy Kimmel). Lillard tells Wiggins about Butter having all the talent in the world, while admitting he’s not sure what happened to him, as they watch the arrogant Butters shoot hoops.

What makes this spot truly funny are Kimmel’s one-liners as Butter. They are essentially good old fashion trash-talk mixed with dad jokes. “I’m like mayonnaise because I’m smooth but dangerous to leave open,” Butter tells his opponent as he drains a shot. “I’m like propane, I’ll be in your grill all day,” Butter gabs as he’s wearing an outfit with one of the most ridiculous t-shirt and undershirt combinations I’ve ever seen.

It’s a good move by Footlocker to pair the two athletes with someone with the comic chops of Kimmel. While Lillard is developing impressive comedic timing for an athlete, Wiggins is still raw in that regard. Kimmel allows the duo to not be the focus of the ad, which takes pressure off of them.

This is another solid entry into Footlockers large catalog of successful and funny athlete advertisements. They’re truly one the best at it.

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