Lawyer gets amazing publicity because toddler loves his commercials

Sometimes the best publicity comes from unlikely places.

Case and point, it went viral that a little kid in Louisiana had a hero themed birthday, but it wasn’t an Iron Man or Batman theme. Instead it was for his most noteworthy idol, personal injury lawyer Morris Bart.

“He’s always been very drawn to Morris Bart commercials,” she told the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog. “He used to watch ABC and color videos, and he used to love those. But now he wants to watch Morris Bart commercials.” When they’re not on TV, he watches them on YouTube.

The kid’s parents threw their son a Bart themed birthday because he was infatuated with the lawyer’s commercials, which featured flashing lights, music and a killer slogan: “One call, that’s all.”

While his commercials may not seem any more unique than any other personal injury lawyer, young minds work in mysterious ways. Context isn’t important at the age of one, so seeing something so frequently probably triggers happiness for the youngster, which is a good thing.

Bart has been a good sport about this, as the WSJ reports he sent the youngster some goodies including an autographed photo and a t-shirt, but really it’s a win-win for him. Many news organizations, including WSJ, BuzzFeed and Entertainment Tonight have picked up the story. It’s all great publicity for him and his law firm that no amount of money could have paid for. He’s getting international coverage for all the right reasons.

While it’s easy to be cynical about a lawyer getting free press, this is still a good story. Let’s hope the two get to meet one day.

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