New childproof router features Blue Balls, Tossed Salads and Pearl Necklaces

Certain words don’t mean the same thing to adults as they do to kids, and that’s exactly what Torch is trying to prove in a new ad – but the point they make is kind of icky.

The Torch router is a Wifi router that protects kids online and essentially childproofs the world wide web from all the menacing dark things available at one click of a button.

The ad goes through a bunch of double entendres. We’re shown a kid playing with blue balls, a wedding being representative of a happy ending, somebody tossing a salad and a woman wearing a pearl necklace. Kids who are still innocent and search these terms wouldn’t know all of those seemingly harmless phrases are sexual terms, and would be exposed to them if they didn’t have the Torch router. The ad does a great job at showing the duality of words. It’s gross but effective.

The point is well-put by the gross nature of the advertisement. As an adult, I hear all these terms and instantly associate them with the sexualized meaning. Kids don’t process it like that.

The Torch routers Kickstarter campaign is currently underway and has raised more than $100,000 towards their goal of $150,000. How well can a product shelter kids from the Internet? That’s unclear given the easy access to it. But, there’s clearly an interest in this type of thing, and with an effective ad that makes you think about the nature of words, they’ve earned that money.

[H/T AdWeek]

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