New Footlocker ad featuring Kevin Durant will have you celebrating

Footlocker is in a category all of its own in terms of producing great commercials starring athletes. As long as they keep making great spots, we will continue to share them. One of their latest spots features Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant (and friends) and it’s all about the jubilation of eruption.

The whole premise of the spot is an impressive dunk which sends all of those in attendance into joyous celebration. We’re shown some pretty hilarious fan reactions, almost all in slow motion, including a man randomly playing a celebratory saxophone song, people in the crowd doing impossibly high back flips, including one man shooting up to the sky in a jet pack, and my personal favorite reaction is Minnesota Timberwolves guard (and dunk contest champion) Zach LaVine not reacting – instead reading a book called ‘The Funk on Dunk.”

LaVine Dunk

The spot ends with Durant getting back up after celebrating and the slogan “every action has a crowd reaction,” flashing across the video.

This ad doesn’t use Durant’s full star power, as aside from the celebrations, he’s barely even featured in it. However, what this spot has working for it, is that the reactions are so random and hilarious – and I can’t stress how good the LaVine reaction is, in my top Footlocker ad moments ever – that it totally compensates for the lack of Durant.

Chalk this up as another W for the Footlocker creative team.

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