Rescue Dogs Rock NYC mocks Ashley Madison breach to get dogs adopted

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC are mocking the Ashley Madison data breach to try to get some dogs adopted.

In their latest spot, ‘Dogs Don’t Judge. Adopt a Life Partner,’ the organization introduces a man who has been affected by the hacks. The man uses plenty of expletives to describe himself, calling himself an ‘asshole,’ a ‘fornicator,’ and a ‘piece of shit.’ He suggests those who have been a part of the infidelity mess may be better off with a dog instead of trying to chase an affair.

He talks about how a dog, unlike a person, doesn’t care if you have an affair with someone else, because it’s a dog. He than mentions how a dog will always be loyal, unlike himself to his significant other.

“We wanted to take the gossip-worthy incident of the day and use it to direct people’s attention to a cause that deserves a bit more gossip,” DigitasLBi creative chief Ronald Ng told AdFreak.

The ad never mentions Ashley Madison by name, but the connection is obvious.

They also covered the spouses perspective, which isn’t as funny, but drives the point home of how loyal dogs can be, unlike certain cheating spouses. Points to the actress for a Joker-esque laugh.

It’s definitely a reach for the company to connect adopting dogs to a international cheating scandal, as things seems shoehorned in, but it’s for a good cause so it’s easy to overlook it. Hopefully many dogs get adopted because this campaign.

(H/T AdWeek)

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