Rob Gronkowski is a giant kid in new Footlocker ad

Rob Gronkowski is one of the NFL’s most marketable stars. Unlike teammate Tom Brady, who (pre-deflate gate) is known for his squeaky clean image, Gronkowski is the ultimate bro who crushes beers and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The NFL offseason is often hailed as the Summer of Gronk for a reason.

Gronk has teamed up with Footlocker to poke fun at his maturity, in this new ad called Grown Up.

In the spot, Gronk autographs young fans’ footballs, and when asked by a young fan if he wants to hang out, he declines since he’s “a grown up, and I got to do grownup stuff.”

The next scene opens with Gronk sipping on a drink through a swirly straw while playing video games in a room that looks like a 12-year-old’s dream – There’s a drum set, a basketball arcade set, a chair shaped like a football, a train set, a pizza on a spinning record player and of course a pair of Nike shoes. What gets Gronk’s attention through all of these distractions is an ice cream truck which passes by, which causes him to stop everything he’s doing and go outside.

The spot is simple and hilarious. Gronk plays up his lack of maturity, and seeing him tell the kids that he can’t hangout because he’s a grownup only to be the worlds biggest kid is hilarious and is an amped up version of how I imagine Gronk is like in real life.

Footlocker is the king of athlete ads and they don’t lose their throne with this spot.

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